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1. I ____ speak Spanish
(a) can do       (b) do can   (c)  can    (d) am can   

2. The ticket is cheap. 
(a) Alice cannot afford it        
(b) Allice can afford it    
(c) Alice can experience it    
(d) Alice canot experience it

3. I ___ a shower yesterday.
(a) take      (b) take  (c) took    (d) tooked

4. What is the antonym of ‘remember’?
(a) spend    (b) foster   (c) forgive   (d) forget

5. __ understand what I say?

(a) Do you     (b) Does you    (c) Don’t   (d) You does

6. John ____ go to school today. He is lazy. He wants to play.

(a) cannot     (b) does not want to    (c) do not want to   (d) can

7. Emily studied well for her exam. She is ___ that she will pass it.

(a) independent  (b) free   (c) confident   (d) afraid

8. Olivia lives in Italy. She is ninety years old. She speaks Italian, English and French. She really enjoys cycling and traveling. 

​How old is Olivia?

(a) 29       (b) 18       (c) 19     (d) 90

How many languages does she speak?